STARTALIA Network Partner

Professionals and businesses, products and services for Startalia startups.

The network of companies and professionals who have agreements with Startalia to provide founders and startups with collaboration, consulting, technical assistance, products and services under agreement in both the early and development stages.

STARTALIA Network Partner Logo

Network Partners are entities varying in sector and size, from law firms to typographies, from 3D printing centers to cloud service providers and hardware and software vendors, but all selected and validated by Startalia according to transparent criteria and subject to monitoring compliance with the agreement.

Companies and organizations interested in collaborating in various ways with Startalia's startups can also join as Network Partners, with specific modalities, for example by making their skills, equipment and machinery, their labs and workshops, and their network available for pilot projects and experiments.

All Startalia startups, those Made in Startalia as well as those incubated or accelerated, have access to conventions under the incubation and acceleration programs.

Membership as a Startalia Network Partner is subject to evaluation and does not entail any financial charges for participating professionals, businesses and organizations.

Businesses and professionals interested in joining as Network Partners can apply at any time from this page.