Founding a startup isn't easy and it's not for everyone. You need speed but not to hurry, passion but strong nerves and the ability to think clearly under pressure, large resources are needed but not a single minute or euro can be wasted.

Skills, competence, ambition, determination, commitment and stamina are needed. A good team is essential, as is choosing the right partners in every step on the journey of the birth and growth of the startup.

Startalia's main mission it to make it so that Design becomes a guide and companion for the startup on its journey, to design well, build success quickly and prevent it from ever leading to failure.


Founders starting their own startup or that want to join the team of one of Startalia's startups.


Founding teams with a startup already incorporated or one in its beginning fase.


Designers and other professionals that want to be and active part in the birth and development os a startup Made in Startalia.


Business Angels and Investors interested in funding Startalia's startups.


SME and Corporates in every sector interested in Open Innovation projects and Venture Building.


Professionals and Businesses interested in offering know-how, products and services to startups in Startalia's network.

ROME VENTURE SCHOOL: Learn, Design, Build, Venture...

A clear mission: helping develop and grow the knowledge and skills needed to design, develop and run a startup, an innovative SME or a new business in an established company. #ventureschool #edtech #food #agritech #fintech #health #saas #media #security #entertainment


You can call us at our Numero Verde 800 078 650 or write to

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